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The TTC Tribe

What is The TTC Tribe, you might ask?  TTC is an acronym for "trying to conceive", so The TTC Tribe is an online community where women who are on their path to motherhood, and dealing with infertility, can connect with others, show and gain support, inspire each other and have access to resources. No one should ever feel alone, or unworthy, as they walk through the darkness of infertility. No matter what your journey to motherhood looks like, pregnancy, adoption, surrogacy, fostering, etc., we are here for you. The Tribe acts as an online support group, comprised of women who understand, support and love one another. We are so happy that you found us! Welcome to The Tribe!

Meet Our Founder

Hi everyone! I'm Jennifer. I'm an adoptee, infertility warrior, 5 time angel mom and an IVF Mama to my miracle rainbow baby boy and little girl! I began my journey to mamahood over five years ago and was surprised about the lack of support groups available to women dealing with infertility and miscarriage. I was lucky enough to find my own "tribe" on Instagram and felt so much love, acceptance and understanding from all of the amazing women that I decided to create a unique website where women can connect, ask questions, get answers and feel accepted, supported and loved, all in one place!

I am originally from Kansas City, but currently live in Phoenix, AZ with my husband Zach, our miracle IVF babies, Jaxsen and Tegan, rescue puppies Wrigley and Roscoe, as well as our tortoise Toby. Besides my passion for infertility, miscarriage and adoption advocation, I also love fashion, traveling to new places, climbing mountains (figuratively and literally), DIY-ing anything/everything and pizza (it's my spirit animal).


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