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Weekly Warrior - Meet Leigh

On September 1st of this year my husband and I will have our 8-year wedding

anniversary! When I look back on our eight years of marriage, I would’ve never thought

we would be where we are right now. Let’s be honest, we all make a plan for our life,

right? We fall in love, get married, spend some years being newlyweds and then start a

family. It’s funny how I thought that’s exactly how things would go for Brett and I, but our

“plan” did not really pan out the way we thought it would. Being on the road of infertility

is something I didn’t have written down in our plan.

Four years into our marriage, Brett and I started talking about how we were ready to

start a family. Little did we know or realize just exactly how hard this task was going to

be for us. We thought it would work right away and then all would be well for us. Month

after month I got a negative pregnancy test. We waited a year just like everybody said

for us to do and then we finally did our searching and reached out to a fertility specialist.

After a few appointments, our doctor started us doing IUIs. We were so hopeful that this

would work! We did one IUI and it failed. Our hearts were crushed. My doctor then had

me come in for a procedure which he thought would fix our problem of not being able to

have children, however it also did not work. We decided to do another IUI and when the

doctor came in with news we didn’t want to hear, I couldn’t help but start crying. We felt

lost on this road. He wanted us to continue doing IUIs but we knew we needed more.

We decided to look for a different doctor.

Once we found a new doctor, we were told that IVF was our way of reaching what we

wanted to, a family. I remember sitting in our doctor’s office with my husband and my

mind could not wrap around this thought or idea. One who is extremely scared of shots,

IVF at the time seemed like an impossible task. Now sitting here years later, we are in

the IVF journey with the best clinic. It’s crazy how during the hardest times, we find

strength in ourselves that we didn’t know we had. My husband has definitely been my

rock during this season, I couldn’t do it without him!

We had our first beta test last week and we were told numbers that our looked great, I went in this morning and had my second beta test, and numbers are even higher! WEARE PREGNANT! I never thought we would be in this place. I truly feel like it’s a dream that I never thought would come true. God is taking us to places that we didn’t think we could go, but he has given us the strength to keep going. Yes, we are still early and it’s the first time I’ve ever been able to get pregnant, but we are extremely hopeful and can’t wait to meet this sweet babe!


You can follow Leigh's journey on Instagram at @lkgoldies


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