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Weekly Warrior - Meet Tiffianny

Hi! My name is Tiffianny. My husband Patrick & I have been TTC since we got married in February 2017. Since we were married we were open to having a baby & for the first year we thought it would just happen. In March 2017 I missed my period. I thought -wow! That was fast! I was reading into every sign & finally decided to test in May. My period had always been regular so I just knew I had to be pregnant. In my head I was planning how & when I was going to announce it. I had my heart set on Mother’s Day. Only to have a negative test. I used the whole pack of digital tests & the dollar ones too. All negative & have been ever since.

In May 2017, I went to see my gynecologist to see why my period was missing but I wasn’t pregnant. Every thing came back normal & I was given progesterone to start my period. In Nov 2017 Patrick went to see his first urologist for pain in his left testicle. He was told by his primary care that he had a varicocele & needed an ultrasound & visit a urologist for confirmation. The urologist told us Patrick did not have a varicocele & that we needed to just keep trying & after we’ve been trying a year that he could come back & do some fertility testing. Since he was a doctor we took his word for it. A pregnancy never happened. Patrick’s pain started to get worse and my periods became irregular. In January 2018 I decided I wanted to get serious & really start trying to pregnant. I bought ovulation tests & for months we tried. Every one was getting pregnant around me & nothing was happening for us.

In May 2018 I scheduled an appointment with our Reproductive Endocrinologist & we had our first appointment in June. In July I had a insulin resistance test done (failed) & Patrick has his first semen analysis done. After two semen analysis it was confirmed at our appointment in August that Patrick did in fact have a varicocele. By his low count, okay motility, & zero morphology we were officially diagnosed with male factor infertility. Our RE told us he believes our best chances of conceiving after varicocele repair would be an IUI. Later that month Patrick had an appointment with a new urologist & had left varicocele surgery in September. We were told it could take 3 months to a year to actually see results IF surgery was a success.

Currently while we wait for his body to produce new healthy sperm I am working on changing my diet and getting my A1C down to 6 or below to start on our next step to conceiving Baby Morton.


You can follow Tiffianny's journey to mamahood on Instagram at ttc_baby_morton


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